Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Geneseo Students Participate in 4th Annual Insomnia Film Festival

On Tuesday, April 21st GREAT Day, students participated in the Insomnia Film festival, spearheaded by Joe Dolce, in the CIT Department. The insomnia film festival presents an opportunity for students to create a short witty and interesting video under three minutes long, that coincides with the themes and guidelines presented.

Twenty teams participated this year, and students learned how to edit, create, and film video. This gave students an opportunity to work on a team, practice their acting skills, and learn more about digital media in the process. Teams compete for a spot in the top three, who win prizes such as book store credit and amazon gift card funds. However, every insomniac knows that their participation isn't about winning prizes, but about enjoying the experience of working closely with others, editing a video, and enjoying all the creative fun moments in between.

Mr. I and Mr. Rivera were a part of the judges for the event, and enjoyed being part of a band, led by Professor Glenn McClure in the English Department.

What an amazing experience this was!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

LSA Presents: Sabor Latino "Welcome to Nueva York"!

This weekend, Geneseo's Latino Student Association had one if its biggest events of the year: Sabor Latino, with over two hundred fifty people in attendance. This event included music, dances, and a dinner followed by an entertaining show, which featured the many types of Latino families living in New York City.

Graduating seniors in the organization were also recognized, including President Joel Pineda, Vice President Scarlet Nunez, Secretary Kevin Alvarez, and Public relations Liesel Gutierrez. Based on the crowds response, there is a general sentiment that the event was well received. We are looking forward to future events, LSA. Congratulations on a successful year!

Friday, March 6, 2015

WLI's Annual Leadership Conference

Yesterday, Wednesday March 4th marked the annual Leadership Conference for Geneseo's Women's Leadership Institute. In collaboration with CAS, the GOLD Leadership Program and other sponsoring organizations, WLI's program development Team organized this conference and invited T'sah Rodriguez, a Geneseo alumna to give a keynote address. T'sah spoke about her journey to where she is today, the importance of knowing who you are, asserting yourself when necessary, and reflecting on your path, and working towards becoming the person you'd like to be.

Over 80 people attend this event, including this years WLI participants, who networked with faculty, staff and alum, and practiced the skills they've learned with Women's Leadership Institute throughout the year. We are delighted this event was a success, and look forward to planning next year's conference, and expanding what participants experience from WLI.

Black Student Union: 26th Annual Soul Food Dinner

Saturday, February 28th marked the twenty-sixth anniversary of the Black Student Union's annual Soul Food dinner. Over two hundred tickets were sold for the event, and the Union ballroom was filled with positive energy, and much excitement. The organization hosts this event to acknowledge the struggles of their black ancestors, whose style of cooking originated during American slavery. Slaves were given only leftovers, and unwanted cuts of meat from their masters.

The dinner dishes included, rice and peas, baked beans, ribs, ham, sweet potato pie, and ice-cream for desert. The event included several dances performed by students, and a play directed by Marisa Sylvester, a senior Political Science and Communications major. We are certainly looking forward to next year's events by Geneseo's Black Student Union.