Friday, July 25, 2014

Saturday Bowling - Cindy Lin

With all the stress in the air, we were able to conclude the week with lots of fun activities! On Friday after dinner, there was a water balloon fight outside of Steuben with both students and peer mentors participating. This fight eventually became girls versus boys and with the shortage of water bottles, everyone ended up using water bottles and containers.

On Saturday, everyone enjoyed a trip to Clover Lanes in Rochester. More than half of the lanes were taken over by Geneseo students who quickly filled the place with laughter and excitement. Despite the fact that some students complained they were not interested in going bowling, it was made clear that they all loved the interactions today. Bowling is not everybody’s “cup of tea” but no one was discouraged. We all managed to find ways to score points. Each student had their own unique techniques to knock over the bowling pins and some used this to their advantage. Personally, I only averaged 82 points but the time spent was the most enjoyable aspect of today. I’m sure if we had the time to go bowling again, we would all agree on it. I’m happy to see that the students and staff enjoyed their time at Clover lanes today. Conveniently there is a bowling alley close by the school!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Housekeeping and Getting Binders Ready! – Michelle Mundt

Today the team quickly organized over 140 binders and rooms, as well as decorated hallways, preparing them for the new students who come tomorrow. Just like Angelique Santiago, I am a Peer Tutor and I am super pumped to work with the incoming students! Specifically, I will be working with the INTD 170 students, but feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns. I know that some students may feel nervous or apprehensive about classes or just the simple fact of having to make new friends. I want you to know that this is perfectly normal—all of the Peer Tutors went through the same thing! Don’t worry. The Peer Tutors are here to help you in your classes and to adjust to college. If classes are giving you trouble, you have a plethora of available resources at your finger tips. For one thing, you could go to your Peer Tutor, during their office hours. Peer Tutors have already taken the class that you are taking and they know their material inside and out.  Another source would be your professor’s office hours. Professors can seem intimidating at first, however, I’ve personally met most of them—they are very friendly and they want to help you! Remember: the summer AOP program is very selective. You would not have been chosen for the program if the directors did not believe that you would succeed. They believe in your success and you should too J The team cannot wait to meet all of you guys tomorrow! 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Last Day of Training - Angelique Santiago

Hello everyone! Today the team was very productive! I’m a Peer Tutor so I have been with all the tutors throughout the week. Training was a lot of fun but also a huge help! I feel that every time I've walked out of training I’m that much more excited and prepared to work with the incoming students. It’s super-hot though, so I hope ALL of the students bring BIG fans. We all can’t wait to see each and every one of them! I know that many people are coming here and might not like the fact that they need to do work over the summer. I promise that this summer is about more than work. It’s about growing, connecting with those around you, and getting ready to fill the shoes of a college student. I believe that all of the students can succeed! This entire staff is great and we all want the best for every student that is a part of this program. I won’t lie, it’s not going to be easy but as long as you put forth hard work, like each and every one of us did, you’ll be fine. Today was the last day of meetings and training! We are ready and so pumped to get the show on the road! 

Bonding Time - Shanice Smellie

Today while in tutoring training, the team was able to act out scenarios that might be encountered with different types of students. It was hard to come up with solutions on the spot but it was fun and we learned what to do in case a certain situation were to arise. Many of the AOP student staff have been through different life experiences and we were informed that we will be working with students from various backgrounds that will offer unique and different perspectives. As a staff, we are all excited to begin working and getting to know these students. As mentors some of the most important things we can do are listen, be patient and be open to the students.

Today was an amazing day with the team. It was great to see that even while going through our intensive training we were still able to have fun and share a laugh. As the days pass we are no longer just a team, we are become a family. We went for ice cream and had time to sit down, talk and get to know each other on a more personal level. We realized that we have so much in common and enjoy spending time with one another.

We are so excited to greet all the students, we are literally screaming with joy and anticipation. The staff is working hard trying to get up all the beautiful wall and bulletin board decorations. So far they are looking great. There are color markers, crayons, colors pencils, and construction paper all over the lounge floor and everyone is having a fun time. We are counting down the days and cannot wait!