Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ribbon Cutting Blog

So we have to start somewhere!

As we get ready for AOP Summer 2014 we thought it would be a good idea to start this blog. The goal is to share some stories of the events we put on for the perspective, incoming, current students and their families.

The AOP staff is constantly busy working on programs and events for our students, but not nearly as busy as our students themselves. This blog will invite students to tell their stories of the AOP Summer Program, College Orientation, Internships, Study Abroad Trips, Leadership Opportunities and anything else I haven't thought of.

This semester has already been a whirlwind around Blake-C. We just welcomed our new EOP Counselor, Ms. Courtney Volturno. Ms. Volturno is a Geneseo alumnus and is already excitedly meeting all of her students. Our tutoring program is receiving another record number of tutor requests. The guys at MILES just held another successful basketball tournament. The ladies of WLI just put on what I think might have been their best Women's Leadership Expo. I was only able to attend the dinner, but it was an amazing event with another Geneseo alumnus, Andrea Holland, as the Keynote speaker. Dr. Gantt is currently busy as can be reading essays and choosing our incoming class. The fun literally never stops.

The most exciting news for me was the hiring of our AOP Summer 2014 Student staff. You can find more information on them by clicking this link or in the pages to the right. You can find a lot of great information about our office and our programs so keep coming back. Feel free to write, call or comment with any questions.

Welcome to AOP!

- Mr. Chew

Thomas Chew
TOP Counselor and Tutoring Coordinator

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