Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bonding Time - Shanice Smellie

Today while in tutoring training, the team was able to act out scenarios that might be encountered with different types of students. It was hard to come up with solutions on the spot but it was fun and we learned what to do in case a certain situation were to arise. Many of the AOP student staff have been through different life experiences and we were informed that we will be working with students from various backgrounds that will offer unique and different perspectives. As a staff, we are all excited to begin working and getting to know these students. As mentors some of the most important things we can do are listen, be patient and be open to the students.

Today was an amazing day with the team. It was great to see that even while going through our intensive training we were still able to have fun and share a laugh. As the days pass we are no longer just a team, we are become a family. We went for ice cream and had time to sit down, talk and get to know each other on a more personal level. We realized that we have so much in common and enjoy spending time with one another.

We are so excited to greet all the students, we are literally screaming with joy and anticipation. The staff is working hard trying to get up all the beautiful wall and bulletin board decorations. So far they are looking great. There are color markers, crayons, colors pencils, and construction paper all over the lounge floor and everyone is having a fun time. We are counting down the days and cannot wait!

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