Friday, July 25, 2014

Saturday Bowling - Cindy Lin

With all the stress in the air, we were able to conclude the week with lots of fun activities! On Friday after dinner, there was a water balloon fight outside of Steuben with both students and peer mentors participating. This fight eventually became girls versus boys and with the shortage of water bottles, everyone ended up using water bottles and containers.

On Saturday, everyone enjoyed a trip to Clover Lanes in Rochester. More than half of the lanes were taken over by Geneseo students who quickly filled the place with laughter and excitement. Despite the fact that some students complained they were not interested in going bowling, it was made clear that they all loved the interactions today. Bowling is not everybody’s “cup of tea” but no one was discouraged. We all managed to find ways to score points. Each student had their own unique techniques to knock over the bowling pins and some used this to their advantage. Personally, I only averaged 82 points but the time spent was the most enjoyable aspect of today. I’m sure if we had the time to go bowling again, we would all agree on it. I’m happy to see that the students and staff enjoyed their time at Clover lanes today. Conveniently there is a bowling alley close by the school!

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